The ForeCast Trigger reel seat is a time tested workhorse. Our graphite filled nylon constructed  reel seats are built with strength and sensitivity at the top of the list. We decided to go with a reel seat that is not built on glit and glammer but guts and GLORY! You won't find a reel seat with a better track record than the ForeCast Trigger reel seats. 


The grips we chose for this build is a solid black straight taper Winn Grip. Made from patented WinnDry polymer. We chose this handle setup for multiple reasons over going with traditional EVA grips. The number one reason being superior comfort and control that allows you to keep fishing for longer and harder through rain, snow, and SLIME!


When it comes to guides we all know the troubles that can come from broken guide rings and how many fish we have all lost because of it.

That's why we went with the light weight frame of the Alps LF series casting and spinning guides.  Featuring pressed SS316 stainless steel frame design keeping the hard aluminum oxide rings in place. No more losing your rings out of your guides! 


You all know the struggle of a poorly positioned hook keep and what it can do to your entire mood while fishing. 

We went with the American Tackle DSK (Drop Shot Keep) for only one reason, ease. Now you can secure a weedless hook, drop shot weight, small to large hooks of any type all on the same keep with no problems. We no the pain of messing up that weedless rig with a traditional style keeper. NOT ANYMORE!


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